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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Are Barking Collars Really Needed?

    Are Barking Collars Really Needed?


    If your dog barks a lot for no real reason, or your neighbors are annoyed by the endless ?twilight barking? every night, you need to do something about your dog?s barking

    What Should You Do?

    Figure out why your dog barks so much. There is probably a reason why your dog is barking so much, probably a health issue or something is scaring him; if you find out, you'll probably won't need a barking collar.

    If the reason for the barking is stress or anxiety, then a barking collar will only make it worse. Instead, try to focus on positive attitude and behavior. These include repeated exposure (exposing your dog to the stimulus ? like a ringing telephone ? while you calm the dog and help it stay quiet), distraction (as the stimulus occurs, offer your dog attention, praise, treats ? anything to take the dog?s mind off the stimulus), or reshaping (teach the dog to bark on command by using clicker training, then help the dog to expand the training to include silence, too). If these don?t work, get the help of a professional ? a dog trainer or vet can help.

    What do Bark Collars Do?

    Many dog owners successfully eliminate excess barking by putting a bark collar on their dog. Bark collars use one or more of three different methods in order to train dogs.

    First, citrus spray collars release a spray whenever the dog barks. These Bark collars often emit a hissing sound that warns the dog so that it can stop the barking before getting the spray.

    Sonic or ultrasonic dog bark collars work by producing a ?dog whistle? sound ? a sound so low that generally only dogs can hear it ? whenever the barking happens. The dog eventually learns to link the sound to the barking and reduces its barking.

    Finally, electronic bark collars work by giving a small shock to the dog's neck whenever it barks. The shock is not dangerous or painful, but it serves in calling the dog's attention.

    Barking Collars can really help deter the excessive barking of a dog. The three main methods of bark collars are citrus spray, sound emission, and electrical shock. None of these methods are dangerous to your dog, but can be effective deterrents for excessive barking.

    Bark collars are very good tools to help you reduce excessive barking. Just make sure that the barking isn't caused by stress, anxiety, or health issues. You can learn more about Barking Collars on the Internet or from a professional dog trainer.

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