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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » How A Cintronella Bark Collar Works

    How A Cintronella Bark Collar Works


    Amidst the electric shock and sonic collars that are often used to calm down the perpetual barking of pets, the advanced Cintronella bark collars prove to be humane and unique

    Understanding the Way a Cintronella Anti Bark Collar Works

    The cintronella bark collar has a sound detector installed on the inside, which can percieve the vibrations caused by the barking of the dog. The bark induces the spurting of the cintronella scented oil under the chin of the dog. Due to its strong odor, the cintronella catches the dog by surprise and interrupts the barking.

    Different Kinds of Cintronella Anti Bark Collars

    The cintronella anti bark collar comes in two types, the one activated by sound and the one activated through a remote control.

    The one activated by sound releases the spray when it detects barking, whereas the remote control one releases the spray whenever the owner presses a button on a control remote that comes with the collar. The model that comes with a remote control is also useful for training your dog to stop doing things that put him or others in danger, such as attacking other people or animals or running after cars on the street.

    Irrespective of the model used, in the long run, the dog learns that its act of barking endlessly or involvement in unwanted behaviors subjects it to the strong scent. This in turn hushes it effectively without pain and agitation.

    Benefits of Cintronella Anti Bark Collars

    1. The main advantage of a cintronella anti bark collar is that it allows you to train your dog and get rid of excessive barking in an ethical and humane way, unlike other types of collars, such as the shock collar.

    2. Once the cintronella container is empty, you can get a refill easily from any pet store shop.

    3. The cintronella smell not only stops barking, but it can also calm down your pet in a natural, harmless way.

    4. Humans aren't affected by the smell of cintronella, so you don't have to worry if someone smells the cintronella spray by accident.

    In brief, this article is a small attempt at making people understand the basics of cintronella dog anti bark collars. It aims at clearing the most common doubts that people have about cintronella bark collars. It talks about the way the cintronella collar works, the different types that there are, and the main advantages it offers.

    The cintronella bark collar is one of the most humane solutions to excessive dog barking. There are two types, the one activated with sound and the one activated with a remote control. No matter what cintronella anti bark collar you use, you'll get results in little time.

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