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    Training Your Pet With The PBC00-11282


    Do you have a dog that barks non-stop? Can you hear its barking in any room of the house? Does the barking go on even at late hours at night, maybe even waking up the neighbors? If you answered yes to one of these questions, Innotek can help you. The PBC00-11282 can solve your problem in no time.

    Man's Best Buddies

    Dogs are our closest animal friends. They greet us when we arrive home, play with us, and give us love and affection. But sometimes, our pets get too easily exited. When this happens, their barking may become uncontrollable. But don't worry, Innotek spray bark control will solve the problem in very little time.

    Why The PBC00-11282?

    The PBC00-11282 is one of Innotek's products, aimed at eliminating excessive barking. Why? Because it humanely takes care of the problem (PetSafe approved) with a spray of a slightly unpleasant (only for dogs) lemon scent when your dog barks. The PBC0011282 can be worn at all times by your dog, and it can be adjusted to make a nice fit that is both comfortable and practical. It only requires one battery and since it is quite a small and ergonomic unit, it is pretty light. There are no remote controls or external settings to configure and the collar activates only when your dog begins to bark. In addition, your dog can wear it anywere, indoors or outdoors. Since the PBC00.11282 is water resistant, your dog can wear it in rain or snow.

    The PBC00-11282 is a great tool for training. It's very efficient in stopping extreme barking. Depending on your dog?s temperament, with a little time he/she may actually be very well-mannered, even without the assistance of the PBC00-11282.

    Why Choose the PBC00-11282

    From the very beginning, we have always tried out every one of our products on our pets. The PBC00-11282 is, of course, no exception. The collar proved itself in every single test and pet. Now, we believe YOU should give it a shot and again experience some serene peace and quiet.

    PBC00-11282 can be used to eliminate extreme barking. It has been tested in our own pets. That's how we know that Innotek spray bark control works.

    News Flash  Mar, 23 2010

    Pet Dog Partially Severs Woman's Arm (Sydney Morning Herald)

    A woman has suffered serious injuries and is being flown by helicopter to hospital after being mauled by a dog in Victoria's far south-west. Read More


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