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  •    Home » Articles » Containment » Benefits And Advantages Of Invisible Dog Fences

    Benefits And Advantages Of Invisible Dog Fences


    The most efficient new method of pet containment is through the utilization of wireless dog fences. They are preferred by dog owners because they don't need wires or cables that get in the way of the pets or the people that live in the house. In previous years, invisible dog fences were installed in the same manner than electric dog fences. However, with the aid of technology, the installation has become much simpler.

    Wireless dog fences work upon mechnisms involving singular or conjoined transmitters. These may be used inside or outdoors with certain alterations to the set up specifications. Part of the specifications include the radio signals that are emitted by the transmitters and that can be detected by a small gadget that has been inserted in the dog's collar. The transmitter has a predetermined boundary of particular radius which is set by the pet owner and the transmitter can be put wherever it's wanted. When the collar receives the radio signals, it will emit a beep to warn the dog that it's getting dangerously close to the limits of the boundaries at which point the collar will deliver a harmless, but annoying electric shock.


    You can customize invisible dog fences by changing the intensity of the electrical shocks that the collar delivers according to the temperament and size of your dog. The battery attached to the receiver collar may be rechargeable or renewable depending upon he product you choose to purchase. Most of these devices are resistant to water and they can be safely used during bad weather.

    Points to Consider

    When choosing a wireless dog fence for your house, you shouldn't forget to think about some things.

    Consider not only the purchase cost, but also the maintenance costs that you'll incur in periodically.

    You're better off buying from a company with a presence and guaranteee, even if it's more expensive.

    Take care in choosing superior quality battery replacements

    If possible, maintain a back-up system in case your current set up goes down

    Your dog size and specific behavior also play a role.

    wireless dog fences are a great tool to keep dogs inside your property. The installation of these fences is easier than ever. invisible dog fences always include a manual on how to train dogs.

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