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    Using A Dog Shock Collar With Your Beagle


    Behavior modification is the goal of using a dog shock collar and by presenting an uncomfortable feeling, the dog being trained will typically stop the behavior immediately. When used in conjunction with verbal commands it will not take long for the animal to understand what it is you want them to stop doing.

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    Usually when a dog does something, he is not intending to be bad, he just doing what dogs do. Whether it is incessant barking, jumping up on people or digging in the flowerbed, it is just a dog?s natural behavior. You can stand there are offer loud verbal commands all day long, but with no physical ramifications, like the ones from a dog shock collar, the dog will learn quickly that nothing is going to happen so it can ignore the voice commands.

    The remote control accompanying most dog shock collars on the market usually has a range of 100 to 300 feet so behavior can be corrected when you see it happen. Many of the devices have more than one frequency and can be used on two or more different collars as reminders to several dogs that they are exhibiting undesirable behavior.

    Use Dog Shock Collar At Home Or In The Park

    One of the advantages of using a dog shock collar is that it can be used wherever you and dog go. Whether at home or on the road, a dog shock collar can help your dog be on its best behavior. When you take it for a walk in the park, make sure you have the remote control in your pocket to use when needed. Verbal commands should also be used in conjunction with a dog shock collar, as your dog will soon understand that if it ignores the voice it will feel the shock.

    The invisible fence containment systems also use a dog shock collar to set limits of where your pet can go. It usually doesn?t take long for a dog to recognize the boundaries of its free-roaming ability and after it feels the shock a few times, will not cross that border. If the buried fence encompasses a large perimeter completely circling your property it may take awhile for your dog to recognize the entire area.

    Barking can also be silenced by a dog shock collar designed to feel the dog?s physical change in the throat when it barks and emit a shock. It usually does not take long for the dog the understand that a bark results in an unpleasant shock.


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