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    News Alert! Beagle Lovers Take Note! You Could Be Making The Same Mistakes With Your Beagle That Has Devastated So Many Others. Find Out All The Things You Probably Weren't Told About The Beagle By Reading The Beagle Manual...


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    How to avoid making the same Mistakes other Beagle owners are making.... (more)

    Dog Toilet Training: And Your Beagle


    Following a few simple as well as easy to perform steps can considerably ease the task of dog toilet training. You could begin by taking into account the type of food that your dog is eating because a dog that eats high fiber or sugar foods will generally defecate more often, and this can contribute immensely to your failing in your dog toilet training efforts.

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    87% of all dogs DIE way too early because of the food they are fed. Find out how to STOP this happening to your Beagle!

    Feed The Dog With Good And Healthy Food

    It is thus important to feed the dog with enough good food without over indulging it with too many treats in between meals. Having decided to feed your dog with only healthy foods, you will then need to ensure that it is given a regular routine when feeding it. This will ensure that the dog has regular bowel movements. In fact about half an hour after it has eaten, the dog may show signs of wanting to defecate.

    It is necessary that you take your dog out at regular intervals if you want to taste success in dog toilet training. Another important point to note is that you should indicate to the dog a spot that it should defecate in. Dog toilet training also involves taking the dog on a leash to a specific spot each time so that it gets the idea where to eliminate, and you should also remember to praise the dog when it does so. Pretty soon, it will get the idea and use the spot for its defecation needs.

    It is also advisable to start the dog toilet training as soon as possible and the earlier the better. This is important from a hygienic perspective as well as teaching your dog where to defecate. Using a leash and collar to train the dog is effective and it may be used to restrict the dog to a specific spot, which will help in guiding the dog to an appropriate spot where to eliminate.

    Another useful method of dog toilet training is to use a crate, which restricts the dog?s movement and since dogs do not usually eliminate where they sleep, it will reinforce the habit of going out and defecating. You should also have a mode of communication with the dog such as using voice commands or hand signals.

    You should not expect to get immediate results when you begin dog toilet training and therefore you must be patient and give your pet enough time to get used to defecating in the right place.


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