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  • Beagle Home

    Who couldn?t love these adorable dogs -- the expressive, loving, brown eyes, the sharp nose, the perky personality, and the mischievous high jinks? Of course we?re talking about the adorable Beagle. Everyone should have one and in this web site we?ll tell you why. We?ll start by telling you all about the Beagle, how long they have been around, and then go into how cute they are, all about Beagle care, why they make people so happy, some of their possible medical issues, and of course how to train them.

    Made famous by the Peanuts character - Snoopy, Beagles were bred in England as trail hounds, used to hunt rabbits and hares. Beagles are scent hounds and have a tendency to ignore everything but the interesting scent when hunting. A very energetic breed of dog, Beagles are social, curious, intelligent and brave. They are also likely to get into trouble as their hound dog instinct can take over in an instant should a Beagle catch a whiff of an exciting or interesting scent.

    The Beagle is a breed that ranks as one of the top choices for families. These dogs are extremely loyal, charming, and very sweet. Although great with people, the Beagle has an amazing sense of smell, which can make training a Beagle bit of a challenge. However, with patience and determination, you can help your dog overcome this behavior. The Beagle falls within the Scent Hound and Hound group of dogs, which is recognized by the American Kennel Club. This particular breed is an excellent companion dog and one great with children and other pets.

    If you have decided the Beagle dog is the one for you, then you have made a great choice. But before diving straight into a search for Beagle puppies, there is a lot of ground work you?ll need to cover first. Firstly you will need to decide whether you will be getting your new Beagle from a Beagle Rescue centre, or from one of the many reputable Beagle breeders. Lastly you will need to consider what type of Beagle you would like.

    This is a lovely dog and we hope you find this information helpful. Take your time here and watch yourself fall in love with the Beagle!


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