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  • Grooming your Beagle

    Taking care of your Beagle nutritionally may seem a little difficult but taking care of Beagle grooming needs is fairly easy and uncomplicated, but time will be needed to do it properly. Their typically short, tight hair growth will rarely require professional grooming, but here are some tips for keeping his hair clean at home.

    A Beagles hair is short, hard and flat coat of medium length with an undercoat of finer hair which will need brushed two or three times a week to keep it clean and healthy. A female will shed its coat every season while males will shed usually once a year. As part of your Beagle grooming brushing with a grooming glove or soft brush will generally be enough to keep the coat healthy and clean.

    The ears and feet will require special attention as the natural shape and hanging of its ear allows moisture and water to be trapped inside them. Keeping them wiped clean helps prevent ear infections and possible hearing loss and a good Beagle care method is to clean the ears every time you brush the dog. In addition to stopping infections it can also reduce to occurrence of ear mites.

    Frequent Bathing Not Required

    Despite all your best efforts, your Beagle will occasionally require to be bathed, especially if it found something with an unpleasant odor outside in which to roll around. He can be given a bath in warm water as part of you Beagle care using a no-tears dog shampoo and clean water to rinse it with. A blow dryer should not be used as it tends to dry out the skin and special attention should be paid to the ears to make sure you do not leave any water in them, which can cause an infection.

    Toenails are another area that may need frequent attention, depending on they wear down when the Beagle is exercising. As part of your Beagle grooming routine, they should be checked often and trimmed with a quality nail clipper. You should also have styptic powder on hand when you trim the toenails in case of a small cut, to stop the bleeding quickly.

    Additionally, keep watch on the eyelashes, which on a Beagle can be longer than other dogs, and they have a tendency to curl downwards and grow into the eyeball, which may require surgery to correct. You should also look at the things you will need to groom your Beagle.

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