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  • Health Concerns Facing the Beagle

    Beagles are generally happy, healthy animals however there are certain Beagle health problems common to the breed. Having a qualified veterinarian who is familiar with the potential issues may help identify symptoms and provide early treatment to stave off possible problems.

    With the proper and consistent Beagle care, you can expect your dog to live anywhere from 10 to 15 years and if well cared for; they may live for 20 years or more. Part of the Beagle?s care involves daily exercise, the proper nutritional diet and frequent brushing along with attention to its health care needs.

    The Beagle?s ears, long and floppy and considered cute by most owners, are a source of potential Beagle health problems. Moisture can become trapped in them and lead to infections and hearing problems unless wiped out cleaned frequently. A good practice is to wipe them out with a clean cloth as part of the frequent brushing program.

    If an infection does develop, it can be usually be treated with daily cleaning, however if severe enough medication may be needed. A preventive measure recommended by veterinarians is a diet consisting of lamb and rice dog food. Allowing water to become trapped in the ears during bathing can be another source of Beagle health problems so care should be exercised when giving your Beagle the occasional bath.

    Being Overweight Can Cause Additional Problems

    The Beagle is a playful breed and many people cannot resist the urge to reward it often, which can lead to obesity, another of the Beagle health problems afflicting the breed. By maintaining a proper diet this can be avoided and help your pet reduce the possibility of other problems such as hip dysplasia and even heart trouble as some Beagles are prone to congenital heart disease.

    Polyarthritis, with which the immune system begins an attack on joints can sometimes affect Beagles even at a young age and your veterinarian can usually treat this with cortisone if you catch it as part of your regular Beagle care.

    Like most dogs, Beagles are susceptible to various cancers such as Lymphoma and the Beagle health problems can also include seizures and epilepsy, which are treatable with medication. Additionally, Beagles that are extremely active in their younger years may also be prone to contract arthritis. Providing quality Beagle care will also depend on your choice of a veterinarian. It is vital that you know how to choose a vet for your Beagle.

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    Beagles Beagle Training
    Discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Beagle... (more)   Training a Beagle is easy when you use these methods........


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