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    How to Care for your Beagle at Home

    You went out and bought a new Beagle pup and have it at home where you expect it to keep you company through love, trust and loyalty. While this may seem like a normal expectation of a dog owner, you must remember that it takes time and effort to provide the right Beagle care to make them happy, healthy and trustful.

    A Beagle is a fun loving, loyal happy with one of the best dispositions of most other animals. Their aim is to please their owners and once trust has been developed, they will be the best loyal friend anyone could ever hope to find. Providing appropriate Beagle care will keep them happy and healthy, but part of that care is to also provide proper training.

    One of the first things you must consider when thinking about Beagle care is whether you have the time that is necessary to satisfy the needs of a Beagle. The breed is not one used to being left alone for long periods of time and will loudly voice its displeasure when lonely. The Beagle is a pack animal and is happiest when around other animals and usually will quickly adapt to being part of a pack that includes humans.

    87% of all dogs DIE way too early because of the food they are fed. Find out how to STOP this happening to your Beagle!

    Food And Exercise Promotes Health

    Home Beagle care also includes proper nutrition and a healthy diet, as well as being able to ignore the pleading eyes begging for table scraps. One of the traits of this small dog is having a voracious appetite due to its being active, and often it will beg for food. One or two cups of nutritionally complete kibble, depending on the activity and size of your dog will be enough to keep him healthy. With Beagle care it should be remembered that a skinny Beagle is a healthy Beagle.

    Proper exercise is also important to Beagle care and in having a happy and healthy pet. As pack animals, the Beagle has also been bred for hundreds of years to be a hunter and will sometimes take off on its own in search of prey. Any odd scent can have the animal lunging to be free to do what come naturally and chase after the scent,

    At least an hour per day of exercise will usually provide enough to insure proper Beagle care and work off any excess food they may have eaten, but keeping it on a leash is necessary, unless you have access to a large, fenced in yard and can allow him to roam free. Also remember, they are good jumpers and excellent diggers so the fence will need to be high and deep in order to keep it contained safely. It would especially help to learn all about Beagle Training.

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    Beagles Beagle Training
    Discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Beagle... (more)   Training a Beagle is easy when you use these methods........

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