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  • How to Choose a Vet for your Beagle

    Like choosing a doctor for yourself or your children is important, finding a qualified veterinarian for proper Beagle care is equally as important for your pet?s future health. Having a veterinarian familiar with the potential health problems of the Beagle can help provide early identification of health issues and provide preventive Beagle care.

    The veterinarian should be sensitive to your feelings about your Beagle and be willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have about its health. However, following the veterinarian?s advice about the care and nutrition of your Beagle is equally important to a coordinated Beagle care program.

    Being able to quickly identify and offer early treatment options for any health issue is an important aspect of a good veterinarian you choose to provide Beagle care for your pet. Talking with other Beagle owners may offer some insight to the qualifications of your local veterinarians. There are Beagle owner clubs throughout the country and you will probably want to belong to one for other information on providing your pet with proper care.

    Be Aware Of Treatment Options

    If you are the type who believes in holistic or natural treatment for yourself and your family, you may be interested in the same type of natural treatments for your Beagle care as well. For example, the typical treatment for a Beagle that develops arthritis is through fairly expensive cortisone shots. There are some veterinarians who offer a less expensive all natural treatment options for arthritis, which may fit into your health care beliefs.

    You may want your veterinarian to also discuss different treatment options for your Beagle care instead of one that claims there is only one way to treat your pet. He may be justified in his thinking and belief for most health issues, but opening the discussion will make you feel better about the Beagle care your pet is receiving.

    The veterinarian?s office should also provide a comfortable atmosphere for you and your pet, as Beagles tend to get upset if they are in a waiting area and hearing other animals barking or otherwise making noise. While it may not be practical to be totally isolated while waiting for your pet to receive Beagle care from the vet, it should not present a negative place to cause your pet to be upset before it is seen.

    The veterinarian?s office should also have a clean kennel-type area in the event the Beagle care requires an overnight stay. Clean and organized isolation areas should be available to protect your pet against other animals and the potential for becoming ill from contact with other animals. Emergency care for your Beagle should also be predetermined.

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