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    When deciding on a family dog, Beagle puppies can offer fun and entertainment along with companionship, if you understand the proper care needed to maintain its health and well-being. Additionally, one of the most important aspects of caring for a Beagle pup is taking the time to walk and play with the animal every day.

    A Beagle puppy will grow into a loyal and friendly companion and with the proper training can be an inside pet as well, although they will need space to roam, but not freely, as it is their natural instinct to hunt. They can make great pets for apartment dwellers as long as you are willing to spend the time needed to walk him two or three times a day, providing up to an hour throughout the day for your pet to exercise.

    Finding a veterinarian who is comfortable around Beagle puppies is important and they can build a trust with your pet. Follow the veterinarian?s advice concerning shots and immunizations and do not be afraid to seek advice about flea and tick control as well as heartworm medication and worming your dog.

    A Beagle pup sheds often and should be brushed several times a week using a hound glove to remove excess hair as well as a fine-tooth flea comb to remove any dirt and excess hair. Frequent brushing will also help eliminate odors and maintain a lustrous coat. Bathing is not frequently required, unless your Beagle pup finds something smelly in which to roll around. This breed does not require special grooming and can be bathed at home. The ears should be wiped out when the animal is brushed to prevent odors and to keep them clean and healthy.

    Stubborn Streak Offers Training Challenge

    Usually, every Beagle puppy comes with a stubborn streak, which can offer some challenges in training them. However, repetition and consistency in commands will show results and being patient with the dog will yield better results. With Beagle puppies, praise will achieve far better results than punishment.

    For health?s sake, watch your Beagle puppy weight. When using treats as a reward break it into three or four pieces so as not to over feed the dog. An average animal should only be fed a cup or a cup and a half of quality dog food daily. Keep your Beagle pup in a secured yard during the day, avoiding stuffed animal toys as they can be ripped apart and their pieces swallowed. If desired, the animal should sleep indoors at night, but not have the run of the house. When you think you are ready, before picking up a dog, you should start preparing for your Beagle puppy

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