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  • Creating a Living Space for your Beagle Puppy

    Owning a Beagle puppy for the first time can offer challenges not usually present with other breeds, such as their need for daily exercise and near-constant companionship, but overall their needs are simple.

    Beagles are pack animals and as such are happiest when they are around other animals and people. However, they require space to run off their pent-up energy and get daily exercise. Owning a Beagle puppy will require someone in the home be able to take to pup for a walks of at least 30 to 60 minutes every day. Spread out through the day, these walks should supply most of the exercise the Beagle puppy requires.

    Even a small yard can provide the room Beagle puppies need to exercise, but their natural instinct as a hunter will have it craving to roam free and if walked without a leash or left unattended in an open yard, a Beagle pup will like take off in search of real or imagined game animals. Like children, Beagle puppies should never be left unattended for fear they will disappear.

    Beagle puppies live by their sense of smell and will be able to find any special place you have created inside just for them. Usually to sleep, or rest while waiting for their companions? return, they need to know that area is just for them and will typically be happy there. Even those living in apartments find that Beagle puppies make excellent pets provided you take the time to walk them outside and play with them daily.

    Limit Pet?s Ownership Of Space

    Many people will allow their Beagle pup to roam free around the house and that is considered to be all right when you are at home, but the puppy should be limit in his movements around the house when you are not at home. This helps him understand the limitations you have placed on him and also prevents him from being injured or sick by getting into things he is not supposed to be involved with.

    Exercise is essential to any Beagle pup and walking it daily with a leash is required, but if your home has a fenced back yard it can be an indoor and outdoor pet, allowing it outside during the day, but requiring it to sleep indoors at night. With the proper training, it can be allowed to roam and run in your fenced area, provided you have insured it cannot jump over or dig under the restraining device. You will also want to have all of your Beagle puppy supplies on hand before bringing him home.

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