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  • Beagle Picture

    How to avoid making the same Mistakes other Beagle owners are making.... (more)

    How to Choose the Right Beagle Puppy

    You have made your decision to buy a Beagle puppy and after a tremendous amount of research have found a reputable dog breeder from whom to purchase your next pet. However, after visiting the breeder?s kennel you find a littler of Beagle puppies, each one cuter than the first one. You need to know how to choose the right Beagle puppy to become the newest member of your family.

    First, do not judge the quality of a Beagle puppy by the begging look in it eyes. They all have those soft little puppy dog eyes and it is part of their charm. If it looks as though it is begging you to take it home, look at the others and you will see a similar look from them all. However, if one of them seems to be ignoring you, do not take that as it being coy. It is ignoring you and probably will not make a good household pet.

    Being able to judge which Beagle puppy out of a litter will make a great companion for you will not only take your opinion of the pup, but also the Beagle pup?s opinion of you. During this first meeting, it is important to remember that Beagles are pack animals and are happiest when being fussed over by someone. It may be a good practice, if practical or possible, to visit the breeder two or even three times before making your decision.

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    Look For Eagerness And Playfulness

    If you can make a second, or even third visit to the same litter, it is also advantageous for the Beagle pup to get to know you and could make it less traumatic when the time comes for him to go into a crate for the ride home. Look for recognition on the Beagle puppies faces to see if any one of them seems a little more cognizant. This can mean that he will easily make friends with the rest of the family as well as any other pets you may already have.

    You should also look them over closely for signs of illness or injury they may have suffered while confined with other Beagle pups, indicating they may not get along well with others. A tender, loving and loyal Beagle puppy is your goal and finding one may take some time, so picking out the first cute one you see, is not always the best method.

    You also should take into consideration whether you want a male or female Beagle puppy, so you can gain some insight into making that decision.

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    Beagles Beagle Training
    Discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Beagle... (more)   Training a Beagle is easy when you use these methods........

    Beagle Picture

    Beagle Picture

    Beagle Picture

    Beagle Picture

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