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  • Preparing for your Beagle Puppy

    You have researched different dog breed and have decided on obtaining a Beagle puppy to have as a family pet. Before bringing the puppy home there are some things you should do to prepare for your Beagle puppy.

    Preparing for the arrival of a new Beagle pup could be likened to preparing for a new baby. A basic rule of thumb is that if you do not want him to eat it or chew on it, keep it from being available. Watching a Beagle puppy ran around the house, learning its boundaries, will take time and training, so initially anything you would not want a child to have, should be kept out of reach of the puppy.

    You should provide a space for the Beagle puppy, which it will learn to recognize as his own, and then treat it as its own special area. Beagles are not normally noisy animals, but will bark at passing wildlife and may bark at new people in or around the home. They will also howl if left alone for long periods of time, to being prepared to spend time with your new Beagle puppy is extremely important.

    Exercise Area Needed From Day One

    If your yard is not fenced in properly to contain the Beagle pup, you should do so before its arrival. A fenced yard is an ideal place to provide a Beagle puppy with the room they need to roam, but you may want to keep in mind that passing animals and people will attract its attention and he will try to alert you to their presence through its barking.

    Beagle puppies require a lot of attention and, like an infant, will most likely howl if left alone too long. You should visit the pet store before bringing your new Beagle puppy home to pick up needed items like food, a water dish and some toys before bringing it home. Once it arrives, you will not want to leave it alone to go out and pick things up. Leaving a Beagle puppy home alone on its first day is not a wise idea. Even if it is house trained, a new environment may cause accidents you may not want in your home.

    On you way to pick up your new Beagle pup, you may try to acquire some extra patience to go along with its food, as a Beagle pup will most likely attempt to stretch your attention span until it is used to being around you and its news residence. You will also want to check out our information on creating a living space for your new Beagle puppy before bringing one home.

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