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  • Things to Consider Before Buying a Beagle Puppy

    Before you rush out to the pet store to buy a dog, there are many things to consider before buying a Beagle puppy. Not everyone is cut out to own a Beagle pup, mainly due to their lifestyle and unless you have the time to devote to raising one, a Beagle puppy may not be the right companion for you.

    If you are a road warrior and seldom at home, a Beagle pup is not the kind of animal you can leave behind for extended periods of time. Regardless of how cute and adorable they may seem, they need attention from their master as well as frequent care and exercise. Even more than mature animals, Beagle puppies will need a lot of attention and training to become happy, loyal companions.

    Their grooming needs require being brushed two or three times each week to keep them free of loose hair, which also reduces the possibility of developing an odor and their long, droopy ears need to be wiped clean often to reduce any chance of smell or ear infections from developing. While trips to a groomer for haircuts or bathing are not usually a requirement for a Beagle pup, your performance of these duties can help maintain a clean and health Beagle puppy and also help develop a personal interaction with your pet.

    Diet And Nutrition Important Part Of Care

    The diet of Beagle puppies is also important to guard against the development of many diseases associated with the breed, and frequent feeding, a cup or two of dry food daily, is healthier than leaving food out for them to eat at their leisure. They should also not be fed table scraps, so if you are looking to own a dog to double as a garbage disposal or sweeper, a Beagle puppy is not the right choice.

    Training a Beagle pup is also going to take time as Beagle puppies have a stubborn streak in them. Training requires patience and consistency and, even if you send the animal to an obedience school, you will be attending classes with it or else he will not listen to you once you get back home.

    However, if you have the patience and the time to devote to a new Beagle puppy, you can expect a very loving and loyal companion who will do anything it can think of to please you. You should also look into how to choose the right Beagle puppy.

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    Beagles Beagle Training
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