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  • Beagle Puppies

    Beagle Puppies Require Love And Attention

    The spirited disposition of Beagle puppies make them a friendly and fun dog breed to have as a pet and while they are a natural pack animal, they can naturally accept living as part of a family with people or other animals. Because of the breed?s generally even temperament, they make ideal pets for families with small children and even other pets.

    For hundreds of years Beagles have been bred for hunting and have a tendency to roam in search of game, and have been known to wander away when left unattended. Several Beagle puppies have become known as escape artists after freeing themselves from fenced yards or pens. Despite their natural instinct to live as part of a pack, they have little aversion to head out on their own to hunt.

    You can expect your Beagle puppy to grow to an average of between 10 inches and 16 inches at the shoulder, typically weighing less than 20 pounds upon reaching adulthood. There are two accepted breed standards in the United States, those under 13 inches and those between 13 and 15 inches. While an experienced breeder may be able to estimate the adult size of a Beagle pup, none can guarantee the size the Beagle pup may grow as an adult.

    Bathing your Beagle pup is not often required, unless it has found something unappealing to roll around in, and a good brushing once or twice a week is normally enough to keep the coat of your Beagle pup clean and lustrous.. A house Beagle generally does not have any unusually odor, but they may develop an offensive smell if their diet is too low in fat content.

    Beagle?s Loyalty Only Goes So Far

    While Beagle puppies love the social interaction with people, especially children, they are still a pack animal and therefore can easily adapt to new surroundings. The breed tens to feel lonely without companionship and if raised in a family environment, will quickly adapt to a new family. Some animals may enter a new home and take a few days to become accustomed to new surroundings while others may act as though they own the place the first day.

    Housebreaking Beagle puppies is no more difficult than any other breed of dog. It takes timing and consistency. The best method is to overlook mistakes and offer praise and rewards for success. Remember, Beagle puppies will relieve themselves frequently and being consistent in its training is one of the more important aspects of housebreaking.

    Your new Beagle pup will require a lot of attention which it is important to provide the right Beagle puppy care.

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