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  • Top Ten Beagle Rescue Mistakes

    While the folks offering Beagle Rescue services and providing potential owners with Beagle adoption possibilities are well meaning and treat their charges like gold, there are few things to consider before you rescue a Beagle on your own or go through Beagle adoption procedures.

    First, Beagles are very cute, small dogs with eyes that can melt the coldest of hearts but they can also harbor some habits that may be difficult to break. Unless you are a professional dog trainer, do not believe you can take any dog from a Beagle rescue center and turn it into a loving family pet.

    While most Beagle adoption pets have been potty trained and have been trained in basic behavior skills, depending on their first owner and how they were treated, they may be difficult to learn non-aggressive behavior. Males are not usually considered aggressive, but females once through their first heat cycle, can become aggressive especially when it comes to its puppies or a member of its pack, which can include human family members. For example, there have been instances where an adopted Beagle feels close to one family member and will attack other members when they approach than one.

    Beagles are normally outgoing, fun loving animals but if a previous owner mistreated them they can be timid and withdrawn. It can be a Beagle adoption mistake to take a previously mistreated animal home if you are expecting a fun loving frisky pet.

    Try To Learn Medical Record

    There are several health problems associated with Beagles that could end up costing a lot of time and money at the vet?s office and unless you are aware of them, they can be quite a surprise. Try to learn al you can about a specific dog before accepting it from a Beagle adoption center. Additionally, a dog at a Beagle Rescue center may have been lost in a natural disaster and its original owner could some day show up to reclaim it. This could cause heartache, especially if small children have grown to love it.

    When getting a Beagle Puppy, the option is available to teach it from the start that loud, constant barking is not acceptable in your house or apartment. You could obtain a dog from a Beagle adoption center that learned it is acceptable to make incessant noise and make enemies out of your neighbors. It could also take time for an older Beagle to adjust to being around children, if they have never been around them in the past.

    If your pet from a Beagle adoption center has not been properly groomed throughout its life it could have developed recurring skin irritations or other diseases that could be transmitted to other animals in your house. Additionally, if ear infections have not been properly treated they could present other health issue which you may not be ready to have cured.

    Hopefully your dog from a Beagle rescue or Beagle adoption center was house broken as it will also make a difference since they may have trouble adapting to a new space to do their business. The animal will still require daily exercise and attention, and some may need more than others, so be prepared to adapt your lifestyle to meet theirs. You should also look at what to expect from a Beagle rescue dog.

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