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    Looking for that excellent family dog?  A beagle would be a great choice.  Beagles have been recorded in history since 400 B.C. in Greece. There has been mention of them in Britain as far back as 200 A.D.  When looking for any animal to be a member of your family it is important to do your homework, and know something about the animal you are introducing into your family. 


    It may be tempting to just go out and buy a sweet little beagle puppy when you see a sign which reads beagle dogs for sale.   It is well known that to support small puppy mills or unregistered unregulated dog breeders is unsafe and unethical.  When specifically looking for beagle dogs that are for sale, begin with local veterinarians and kennel clubs and researching registered breeders.  Have an appointment with the operators, meet other pups, and get a feel for the history of the dog. 


    Learn and Play


    By knowing a little history and familiarity with the breeder and the breed, you will have a better understanding of your new family friend.  Learn as much as you can about your puppy?s history and line.  The more information, the better for you especially in regards to long term health of the dog.  Rarely are beagles advertised as for sale by a breeder.  When it comes to a popular breed as the beagle, breeders are usually armed with waiting lists and criteria of their own for where and who they sell their puppies too.  Be cautious of signs reading ?beagles for sale?.  The beagle breed is a well known breed and is popular for a number of reasons.  Beagle dogs have a cute selling quality for all who see them.  They are popular for their cuteness; they are also great friendly companions.  They have superb temperaments and are very inquisitive animals.  Children love beagles and vice versa.


    Pros and Cons


    Of course when it comes to animals, all breeds seem to have pros and cons.  A selling point for beagles as a dog companion is that they are superior companions, and are not timid or temperamental.  They are loyal and live to be a dozen years or more.  Unfortunately, their inquisitive nature does lead them into trouble and can make them targets for some unexpected tragedies.  Statistically beagles have a large amount of traffic fatalities.  They tend to like to follow their noses and can often times be negligent as to your commands when they are hot on the trail of a good ?sniff?.  This curiosity has lead many a beagle and their short stocky frames to an early demise in a traffic fatality.  As well the beagle has a tendency to be stubborn especially when it comes to house training.  Another con the beagle is known for is the disorder of the eye known as ?cherry eye?.  This moderate medical condition is a swelling of the third eyelid gland.  Cherry eye can be fixed with minor surgery and relatively non-life threatening on a well care for dog.  It has been reported that some beagles have taken as long as a year to be house trained.  Of course a dog?s lineage and approaching these cons head on with a positive attitude and preparation these difficulties will become a minor hurdle in your long and enjoyable relationship with your beagle.  All possible pet choices have pros and cons.  Don?t let them necessarily be the only thing for your dog?s sale to make the decision for you.  There is something about spending time with your future prospect that will help you to decide whether or not you are a good match.  That is why it is a good idea to look for the sale of a dog, beagle or otherwise to be with a breeder.  A breeder will make time for you to choose an animal and spend time with prospecting pups.  They want the best for the animal and they want the best fit for you and your family.  Whereas buying a beagle from some dog for sale breeder may work out it is not necessarily the best bet.  Once you have selected your new pal enjoy the time you and your family will have with your new beagle friend.  Find Beagle puppies for sale.

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