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  • Is That a Beagle In Your Pocket?  Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

    As technology gets smaller and smaller, we can get a pc into our pockets now, as well as most other useful electronics, not to mention most other things seem to be getting smaller and more pocket friendly. There is definitely no shortage of shrinking things in the 21st century.  Miniature pets are no exception.  Pocket beagles are a great example of good things coming in small packages.  Pocket beagles are a small delightful pleasant tail wagging miniature version of the beagle.  Pocket beagles are lively, curious, gentle, and as adorable as any animal you have ever seen.  They love to be curious and love children.  They love attention and love to be a part of a pack.  Just like their larger version of beagles they can be a little bit stubborn in their training but this comes from their heritage as a hound.  They love to use their noses and they do vocalize a hound like bay at a little higher pitch than their larger counterparts. 


    History Of The Breed


    The pocket beagle breed was known as many names through history, the teacup beagle, the toy beagle, the miniature beagle and the Queen Victoria beagle.  These dogs originated in history around the 14th century and were common in early Britain.  Commonly hunters used them to hunt rabbit and fox and they were small enough to take on horseback and placed in a saddle bag or ?pocket?.  The breed was used to flush hunted game out of hiding when bigger dogs chased them into thickets and brush.  With centuries passing the dog actually had its time as a popular dog of royal court and then it seemed to be replaced by other dogs of more exotic and ?fashionable? needs.  The dog actually risked extinction in its place of origin in the United Kingdom.  In the United States, there were not many breeders of the dog.  Today the dog is making a healthy comeback.  The cautious thing to remember is, to make sure you research your breeder and the dog?s lineage.  Pocket beagles of real pedigree can fetch a decent amount of money so many people have jumped into the miniature dog breeding game but not all are true versions of this fantastic dog.  One does not want a bastardized version of an inbred beagle line.  Especially if paying $1600 for a puppy.  A breeder will be more than happy to display their parent dogs and other pups.  Make sure both parents are pocket beagles as well, and that the breeder has some history.


    Years Of Fun


    Once you have located the appropriate pocket beagle breeder, and have selected your new family member you are going to enter the world of high energy miniature, pocket beagle fun.  Despite their small size, usually averaging around 9 to 11 inches high at the shoulders, these dogs are packed with immense amounts of energy and need to be able to burn that energy off on a daily basis.  These are not lazy pocket dogs.   Running, fetching, wrestling, walking and any activity involving his hunting frolicking nature is what the pocket beagle breed needs.  In regards to grooming this little bundle of canine fun, a bath once maybe twice a month and a brushing with a soft brush is good to keep their fur clean and shiny.  Regular checkups and keeping those floppy ears clean and under regular observation is a good tip.  Clip their nails relatively neat and short.  They run and play a lot and caution with their nail length is good especially with carpeting.  In the end, your little friend may still be plagued by common beagle problems, which are cherry eye and epilepsy.  However it is a well known fact that these dogs have almost no known genetic issues, so good breeding minimizes many risks.  The pocket beagle?s a great choice for any family and for any one person looking for a new friend.  They like to be with their pack so if you are going to be alone a lot get another pocket beagle for company.  In the end your pocket beagle has a recorded lifespan of between 12 and 15 years and with almost no known genetic problems a breeder asking a well deserved rate of between $1600 and $2100 for a truly well bred pedigree proven pocket beagle is not a lot of money for over a decade of great companionship.


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